Kylie Cosmetics Lips

I’m actually a fan?

I hesitated at purchasing Kylie Cosmetic’s Lip products because I heard mixed reviews. But, I’m happy I gave them a try because the product is great, especially for long days or nights.


I Have Maliboo and Kristen Matte Lipsticks and So Cute Gloss.

The trick with the matte liquid lipstick is to apply little product. The pigments are potent, so you do not need to double layer and shouldn’t. The lipliner makes your base color and then you need one coat of the matte liquid lipstick. The darker the shade, the thicker it looks on your lips.

THEY LAST ALL DAY. I’m talking, you don’t even need to carry it with you..all day. Morning cafesito (switch to tea) lunch..snack…dinnna…drinks..your color still looks bomb.

Maliboo I can apply like a normal matte liquid lipstick because the shade is lighter. I love how different the shade is and how different it looks on different tones.

But I’ve noticed that with Kristen, I need to apply a lighter coat.


The secret behind that is filling your lips in with the liner. I love the liners, I sometimes wear them alone and put some chap stick on top. The only flaw they have is that the cap is very loose. So be careful when putting it in your bag.

When it comes to the gloss, the picture you see online of it is LITERALLY that color. With many glosses the color either comes off lighter or darker than it appears. Not with Kylie’s glosses. You get what you asked for. They are a little sticky, which i tend to steer clear of but the strong pigment of the color is worth it.


For more the KyShadow.

Xoxo, Dy💋

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