Kylie Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

My favorite eye shadow palette in the game right now.

Kylie Jenner launched a cosmetics line that started off with her Lip kits. Check out my insight on her lip products.

She then launched an eye shadow palette (my first Kylie Cosmetics purchase) that I am OBBSESSED with.

This is how she got me: Kylie’s style is dope. From her makeup, accessories, clothing…her looks are goals. She started posting pictures on her Instagram and Snapchat (kylizzlemynizzl) and her eyes caught my attention. I took screen shots of her looks to head to Sephora and look for similar eye shadows. Then she hit me with the bomb…that her makeup looks were from her upcoming palette. The anticipation was real.

The colors on the palette are gorgeous and the shades that I like to use. I tend to stick to browns. Sometimes I play with pinks, the Naked 3 Palette is the best if you’re into/ want to be into that.


What I like most about the KyShadow is the consistency. It allows me to mix to colors together and gradually decide how much pigment I want. The colors really contrast beautifully together. It allows you to create endless looks.

Usually in an eyeshadow palette you have your 3 to 4 go to colors.  Not with this one, all 9 are my go tos. I have many eye shadow palettes (beauty junkie) and usually have them all open in order to use colors from different ones for just one look. But, with this palette, I find myself only using it, I don’t need the rest open. Basically if I’m taking a trip…this is all I need with me to.


I’ve done research to find similar palettes and have not find one that truly compares to her in terms of utilizing all the colors the same amount. The contrast the colors make together and the new colors they create by mixing them is like no other i have tried. If you check out my Instagram..all my recent looks are with the Kyshadow.


Here’s my favorite look from the palette:

  1. Jasper all over the eye
  2. then Quartz all over the eye
  3. Same brush-Tigers Eye and Citrine in the crease and blend upwards
  4. Hermatite on the outter corner and blend into crease
  5. Goldstone on lash line
  6. Quartz on tear duck
  7. Citrine, Tiger’s Eye and Hermatite for the under eye

TIP: If you feelin extra find a nice gold and pat it on top of the lash line with a flat brush.


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