Volume Products > Teasing

I have straight and thick hair. That means it’s heavy. I’ve always struggled with giving my hair some volume at the top. I’ve tried a lot of products but these two are my favorites.

For a styled look, Sexy Hair’s Powder Play is everything and more. You just shake some of the powder where you want volume. I put it on my roots. Just be prepared to leave your hair exactly how you styled it. Moving your fingers through your hair isn’t gonna happen. Your hair will feel rough but it will look awesome. Nothing gives my hair more volume than this.  I tend to use it for special events or going out.


For more of a daily use, I use Kerastase’s Volume in Powder.  It’s perfect for when I want some volume but still have movement in my hair.  It is actually a spray versus the baby powder look Powder Play has. This gives you more of a natural feeling volume. I can run your fingers through my hair and it doesn’t effect the look or volume.


TIP: Put it on your roots on both sides of your divided hair. If you section your hair into layers.  Put it on the the roots of both sides of the layered piece.

There’s also a great dry shampoo, that gives me some volume..check it out. 

Xoxo, Dy💋

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