Love your hair back

Hair masks are everything.

I do one at least once every 2 weeks. I’ve tried a lot of hair masks and they all do make my hair feel great but so far, nothing beats Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Moist Mask  and Olaplex’s Hair Perfecter.

TIP: I love putting masks on when I have a good hour or 2 in my house. I can be cooking, cleaning or working on my computer. I put the mask in, throw my hair in a pony and let it really soak into my hair.

Aussie’s really does do the trick in 3 minutes. It’s great for when I’ve had my hair curled for a few days or haven’t washed my hair in a while. in 3 minutes it moisturizes, smoothes and shines. I could really brush my hair with my fingers it is so soft and detangled.

The Olaplex is AMAZING for chemically treated hair. It is the 3rd step of the Olaplex Professional system and perfect for at home use. It helps prevent breakage from all the chemicals your hair has.  That treatment repairs the broken bonds your hair, making it stronger than it was before.

Check out the hair products I use to help prevent and repair my hair from damages. 

Xoxo, Dy💋

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