Take care of your locks

Want healthy looking hair? Well, it doesn’t happen magically. Especially while you’re straightening and curling your hair on the daily. If you want to keep doing that you need to invest in products that will protect your hair.

My hair is naturally straight and thick. Blessed for the straight hair because I don’t put heat to it often so I avoid a lot of damage. I have dyed my hair and exposed it to bleach/ other chemicals. Here are my tips and products I use to keep my hair healthy.

Let’s start with the wash, blonde hair means purple shampoo. I use Goldwell’s Blondes&Highlights.  It is amazing for my color, it never changes from when I leave the salon. Check out my stylists. The purple line not only protects the blonde but also my hair.  Before my blonde I loved using Label M’s Diamond Dust line or their Therapy Rejuvenating line. The key to finding a good shampoo and conditioner is that they actually do their job…not just smells good (These just happen to do both) Your shampoo should be cleaning your hair without getting rid of all your natural oils or hair dye. Your conditioner should be nourishing your roots without leaving your hair greasy or tangled.


Before I brush my hair, wet or dry, I use Label M’s Protein Spray.  It immediately acts like a shield for my hair. Whether I’m going to add heat to it or be exposed to the sun. It is not greasy so you can put on as much as you’d like in and even throw it in your roots.


After that I choose between Label M’s Leave in Conditioner  (Just ran out) or their Relaxing Balm. What I like about the both of them is that neither effect the styling of my hair after. Usually I put one in and walk out the house. But if i decide to be extra that day and straighten or curl my hair, it protects it. The conditioner protects against UV Rays, heat and strengthens hair.  The Balm is actually for curly hair to relax but I like using it in my straight hair because it settles it down whenever its acting up. Check out great  masks that condition my hair. 

Then comes my favorite product. If you’re a fan of oils for your ends, Label M’s Rejuvenating Radiance Oil  is the best. It not only makes your hair look healthy and shiny…it’s good for it.  I prefer the oil but it also comes in a mist.


TIP: Don’t wash your hair every day. You’re actually making your hair oiler by doing that because you’re daily getting rid of your hair’s natural oils, therefore making your hair work harder and produce more oils. I go as long as I can without washing my hair. Down for two days, then throw it in a half up pony, then full pony, then maybe a braid. Get creative, make it work. The key to being able to do that is a GOOD dry shampoo. Label M’s Dry Shampoo is the best I have used. A lot of dry shampoos make your hair add a weird/rough texture to your hair. it looks clean but doesn’t feel clean. When you apply Label M’s, texture wise your hair stays the same. When I do want a dry shampoo with texture in it, to add some volume, I use IGK’s Down and Out Dirt Spray .

Here are some great products for volume. 


TIP: If you run out of dry shampoo, use baby powder.

I also really like Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Leave in Conditioner.  It helps the growth of your hair. Regardless if you want to grow your hair out or keep it at its length, you should be taking care of the growth your hair will naturally do so it is healthy. I feel this product does that.

TIP: If you’re looking for hair growth I really love Hairfinity pills.


Design Essentials’ Coconut Milk Leave in Nourisher  smells amazing. I like that this product is good for my hair but also adds a shine to it.


Xoxo, Dy💋

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