Don’t look flushed, throw some blush

No matter what makeup look you’re going for, you need some type of blush on your cheeks. I have a lot of blushes but these are my favs💋

The same blush everyday thoo..yawn. Blushes come in all different shades for different skin tones and looks. Everyone has their to-go blush but getting too comfy with just one isn’t the way to go. I have my favorite blushes because they serve their purposes for each my looks.

If I could only use one blush for the rest of my life it would be Nar’s Orgasm.  Love the name (wink) The shade is beautiful and perfect for every skin tone.  I love that I has gold shimmer in it because it really blends well with various looks depending how much you apply. If you’re doing the no makeup look, a little of it really gives your face a subtle pop. I also use it for my bronzed looks because of the gold shimmaaa.

For a gorgeous bronzed look, I love to use Nar’s Luster. It has an orange and peachy tint on my skin. Which is great because it contrasts just enough with my brown contour. You can see my cheeks are a little warmer than the contour areas but not throwing to pink where it is no longer a bronzed look. More importantly just because it is warm…does not mean it is orange. Ain’t nobody got time to look like an oompaloompa.

TIP: Also use it as an eye shadow.


Laura Geller’s Just Blushing Palette is amazing.  It is a trio of baked blush shades. I think she did a great job on concentrating on bronzed colors but also adding different colored pigments in it so you can create different looks. For someone reading this and realizing they’re one of those people who use the same blush everyday (tisk tisk) this palette is a great start.


Xoxo, Dy💋

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