Color and cut are the basics right?

 Well there’s nothing basic about my hairdressers. They put in werkkk. Having a good hairdresser is key to having good hair.

It’s really important to have a colorist that cares about your hair and won’t just throw bleach/dye on it because you say so. If you have really dark hair and show a hairdresser a picture of Sofia Vergara’s blonde hair and they say okay…run out. The products they use ARE important! So before letting that dye touch your locks, ask the hairdresser what products they use and research them.

Why would you not be curious what chemicals are touching your hair?

Currently I have a light balayage done by my amazing hairdresser Holly. I started off with a very deep brown that looked black and gradually got to where I am now.  She recently used Goldwell’s Silk Life Control Ash,  it lifts color and tones at the same time, giving you a natural blonde color. I loved it! The colors she uses are by Goldwell, which are AMAZING. After my hair is colored, washed and toned, it’s time for the best part (besides the relaxing hair wash) the Olaplex Hair Perfector.  (Read more on why I love the it)  It’s so amazing for your hair I even got it for home.

As for cut, an honest stylist is the best stylist. It’s pointless to get a trim with the intentions to get rid of dead hair when you’re still going to leave dead hair. You want a stylist that will tell you where your dead hair starts. If chopping all of it off is too short for you, then they should help you get there. That way, your hair has a fresh start to grow healthy and the trims are actually worth it.  My cut is by the talented Shane, I like to keep my hair long. But Shane did convince me to go shorter than my comfort zone in order to get rid of all my dead hair and it was a GREAT decision. Especially since I was going lighter. I have some low layers in my hair to keep it fun.

You can find Shane and Holly at Essensuals London in Cherryhill,NJ.



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