Are your lashes fake?

No, my eyelashes are real but I do have a trick💋

I’ve always been asked if my lashes were fake. (I wonder how many people have written them off as falsies or extensions without asking)

Most people have more lashes than they show.. it’s all due to how you do them. Just like I take time to contour my face to bring out my cheek bones.. I take time with my lashes because I want every lash to show at the max length it can be reached. So I have a trick that accentuates them.

I can go with no face makeup all day (check out my My Skincare Routine)  but my lashes done are a must.

TYPE OF MASCARA: Truthfully, it doesn’t really matter to me,  I hit any drug store and buy a mascara on sale. I do focus on the brush, I look for one that has spikes vs a regular brush. I really like Maybelline Lash Sensational, it’s great at getting the little lashes on the corners. (Every lash counts)


I do NOT use water proof mascara I find the product too harsh, even if I am going to a pool or beach. I feel when you wash it off it makes some lashes fall off…no thanks.

Color wise I aim for the blackest black that mascara has.

TIP: I sometimes use a brown colored mascara on my lower lashes for a softer look.

Here’s my trick:

ALWAYS have fresh lashes!!!! Don’t wake up or go through a whole day then directly apply mascara.Think about it…they’re hair and you sleep on them..they get messy (You should be washing your face every morning  or before applying makeup anyway )

WASH your eyes and wait for your lashes to really dry. (Makeup wipes work too but they take longer to dry)

I get my  blow dryer (after lashes are DRY) and apply heat to my eyelash curler, I use Tarte’s.  I tap the curler on my nose to check out what warmth I can handle and go in on my lashes. The hotter the better but please don’t burn your eyes.


This lengthens and separates them like NO mascara can. I mean REALLY separates and lengthens them, you can see each individual lash!


Those are my lashes curled with no mascara. This step is THE MOST important because it sets what the mascara has to worth with.

Once I go in with the mascara I don’t use that much of the product. The more mascara you use the heavier your eyelashes get causing them to not look as long/full because they start clumping together and weigh down. (That’s why I get the darkest mascara) The less coats the better.

Mascara is hair spray for your lashes.


For when I want a more dramatic effect (night out or date night) I wait for my lashes to DRY and go in again with the heated curler.

TIP: Wait for them to really dry before your second heated curl.. I’m talking at least 30 minutes or you’ll ruin what you just did.

That’s how I get my “fake” lashes!

Xoxo Dy💋

2 thoughts on “Are your lashes fake?

  1. Finally someone who does the same heating of the curler technique! People think I’m mad when I do it but my eyelashes are so short and sad that nothing else curls them like that does. I only do it after mascara though because curling before does nothing for me. Do you think you could check out my blog? 🙂 xx


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