Get That Glow✨

 When your highlight’s fleeeeeky… you’re having a good day.

Right now it’s all about that glow.  Here are my favorite highlighters, if you have a similar skin tone to mine, I suggest these.It’s boring to use the same highlighter everyday. I use each of my highlighters for different makeup looks.

Your face is like a canvas, paint on it.

I would’t draw the same picture over and over I don’t do the same makeup look over and over again.

Tip: Use a fan brush

Tip: If you use a setting spray, spray your face and then apply the highlight. Makes it pop more.

When I’m feeling playful I use Urban Decay’s Afterglow in Fireball. It releases pink tones to my skin. Pink highlighter sounds a little out there I know but I think it’s cute, different and a great summer look.

Another playful color is Tourmaline  From Anastasia. (Bottom left) Anastasia created a 3 highlight pallets with 4 shades in each. Mine is Glow Kit-Sun Dipped

On my skin, Tourmaline has more of a purple tone. It comes off a little deeper than the pink tone from Urban Decay so it gives me more of a bold look. Another one of playful my summer favs.

The shade Summer (Top right) literally makes me GLOW.  It makes me want to strut and move my face in different angles to see if I can blind people with maaa glow✨ When you think highlight think Summer because when I put that one you can’t miss me. It’s a lighter shade than my skin color, bronzer or blush so it really pops on my skin. If I want an eye grabbing- watch me glow-this is your highlighter

Moonstone (Bottom Right) really blends in with my skin tone and releases peachy tones. When I want an all around bronzed look I use this one because it just gives my tan a shimmer. It’s my in between highlighter from Summer and Mac’s Soft and Genter.

TIP: I love to blend Summer and Moonstone together to create a while new color (similar to Champagne Pop)

I was really excited to use Bronzed (Top left) because I had the idea of using it to contour and it worked! I line my cheap bones with a lighter bronzer to give me an outline of where to place Bronzed and then dust it on. It defines and makes my cheek bones glow! I dust upwards from the cheek bone to mix it into my skin and then go in with my blush.

Mac’s Mineralized Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle is my casual day to day highlighter. I love it because when I go for minimal makeup or a natural look it’s the perfect color to give me some highlight but still gives the (kinda sorta if I use my imagine) I woke up like dissss look.

I saved the best for last. Becca and Jacklyn Hill came together and gifted every glow lover with Champagne Pop. Hands down my favorite highlighter. It looks amazing on every skin tone, depending on how much you apply it either really pops or gives you a softer glow. Like Moonstone it has peachy tones but Champagne Pop also contains gold undertones on my skin.




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