Look Good Feel Good

Just because you’re about to workout and get sweaty, does not mean you can (well you totally can sooo) it does not mean you SHOULD throw your style out the window.

My latest workout style obsession has been matching my bottoms with my sports bra. But I don’t want to be wearing something tight or revealing during every workout and that is not what looking good during a workout means. It’s look good..FEEL GOOD. Both go hand and hand.

Another misconception is the money. Get it right..you don’t need to be in brands to look good. I happen to have a thing for Adidas… but you can get stylish workout clothes at low prices.

Get on online or take a ride to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target, Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy, and many more places.

TIP: Mix&Match. Peep the Nike neon green shorts.. I made 3 different outfits using the same pair of shorts.

Motivate yourself! Get that workout in and look fine doing it. Take a look at some of my fit looks!


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