Volition Beauty

It doesn’t get more interactive than Volition Beauty! I was invited to check out their brand and found the entire concept amazing! They are an online platform that allows everyone (yes you) to create your own beauty products. You can pitch product ideas, they help you create it, then the community (normal people) vote to see if the product is worth launching. If it is they even name it after you! They have an at home face mask machine in the making that I would LOVE to own. Basically you place whatever you want (aka have in the fridge) in the machine and it create the mask. It reminded me of juicing but for your face! You can had oils and vitamins as well to the machine to mix in with your fruits or veggies.

They did give me a goodie bag and my favorite products that I use often are THANAKHA RADIANT BRONZER,MORINGA SILK BODY SPRAY and DETOXIFYING SILT GELÉE. When I received the liquid bronzer, I was super excited because this mean that I could mix it with my favorite tinted moisturizer, Nars’ Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30. When summer came around, I got tanner and it was too light for me but mixing it in with the liquid bronzer is perfect! The Silk Body Spray makes my skin feel great. Some people don’t like oils (I do) but to those that do not, this spray has a more dry feel to it! I like the texture of the face mask and I feel like it does a great job at detoxifying the skin. I’ve actually been wanting to try theirIMG_5723IMG_5724IMG_5726IMG_5727 ILLUMINATING BODY MILK!

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