Outdoor Workout

I love outdoor workouts in the summer!  They’re a great way to get out of the gym and get some fresh air using everything around you. It’s even more fun if you get a group to workout with you. During this workout I went with my primas y tias “Chicas Fit” as our group chat says.

In this outdoor workout, we started off with a run around a park. The park had an incline section that we took advantage of! Running on a non flat surface makes a difference in the muscles you work.

After the run we made my way over to stairs that were in the middle of a hill and started our leg workout. After our leg exercise up the stairs we would sprint down the hill.


-Lunges with a leg lift to work my butt

-Lunges with a high knee to work my abs

-Side alternating lunges

-Quick high knees

-Butt kicks

After these leg workouts on the stairs we tackled going up the hill.

Safe to say I was sore the next day!

Check out my Playground Workout for another great summer workout


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