Playground Workout

I try and to workout everyday, but just going to the gym gets repetitive and boring. Fitness classes are great but summer is meant to be spent outdoors! Get that fresh air. Which is why this playground workout is perfect for the summaaa.

I this workout started by going on a 2 mile run around a park. After my first mile I started doing sprints. 5 minute run-1 minute sprint.

After my run I ventured over to the playground where I started to get creative! I used everything around me to work my entire body.

ARMS- Both biceps and triceps by doing pull ups and dips.

ABS-Yes, getting up there was a bit of a challenge. Trick is it lean one foot on the other to avoid falling.  Check out my INSTAGRAM for the ab video!

LEGS- Besides the 2 mile run, I jumped on a bench and did high knees.

Most importantly, stay hydrated.

STYLE: Top and bottom- Nike * Sneakers-Under Armour


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